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Financial Information

Obstetrics Billing and Insurance Procedures

After you have been seen for your first prenatal care visit, our office will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and obtain an estimate of what your out-of pocket expenses will be.

At this time, as a courtesy we will pre-certify your hospital stay with your insurance company.

Prior to your hospital stay you must follow up with your insurance company to insure certification was obtained. Failure to verify this information may result in reduced benefits or you may become responsible for the entire cost of the pregnancy and delivery.

Once this information is obtained, on your following visit you will meet with our insurance coordinator. She is located behind the main reception desk in the lobby directly off the elevators. During this meeting, you will be given a Quotation of Cost for an Uncomplicated Delivery. This quotation only includes your regular office visits and delivery. All labs, sonograms, and non-stress tests will be separate from this quote. Please note, depending upon your insurance, some carriers may or may not allow payment for sonograms. If your insurance does not allow for sonograms and if sonograms are performed you will be financially responsible.

Your expected out-of-pocket expenses (co-insurance or deductibles) are to be paid in full by the 28th week of pregnancy. If there is a credit on your account after you deliver and your insurance pays, you will be promptly refunded.

If your insurance changes during your pregnancy, you must notify our office immediately and bring in your new insurance card on your next visit. Failure to notify us may result in reduced benefits you receive from your insurance company. In some instances, you may become responsible for the entire cost of the pregnancy and delivery.