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Laboratory Testing

Information gained through appropriate laboratory specimens is essential to the proper evaluation and management of your medical conditions. Therefore, we send our patients to accredited laboratories that use only the most up to date equipment and protocols available.

Most laboratory testing is performed at Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL), with a collection sight conveniently located in Suite 504 of the Oak Hills Medical building. Quest Diagnostics also has a blood drawing center in Suite 506 of our building. You will be given the necessary lab request forms at the time of your visit with instructions for any special preparation.

Sometimes the labs need to be collected on a different day or time. Or your insurance may require you to use a specific lab provider. Information about other lab drawing centers and their hours can be found at the following websites.

If you live outside the immediate San Antonio area, let us know and we can help make arrangements to have your labs drawn at a location nearer you. And, of course, call (210) 692-9500 if you have any questions.