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Gynecology Services | Seven Oaks Women's Center | San Antonio TX

Seven Oaks Women’s Center is here to provide you with a full array of gynecology and women health services.

Our physicians and nurse practitioners are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of female disorders. We are equipped to perform anything from annual well women exams, including family planning to hormone management, to diagnostic procedures, minimally invasive surgery and other advanced procedures which may be indicated.

Well Woman Exam

The annual well-woman exam is the cornerstone of preventative medicine in all women's lives. It includes a detailed history and physical exam and will address lifestyle concerns such as appropriate exercise and diet, as well as cancer screening. Throughout a woman's life the topics covered and screenings recommended will change.

Inherited Genetic Disorder & Genetic Cancer Screening

Currently tests have been developed which offer genetic testing for individuals who may carry genes for metabolic disorders or elevated risk for certain cancers. 

In Office Procedures

Colposcopy is a procedure to evaluate your cervix if you have an abnormal Pap smear or persistent high risk HPV. The procedure is done using a magnifying scope that allows your physician to carefully visualize the cervix and identify specific areas of concern and sample those areas by taking a small biopsy of those specific areas. 


Here at Seven Oaks Women's Center, you can be assured that you or your loved one's health is in excellent hands. Our physicians are highly trained and experienced in many operative procedures and provide a broad spectrum of progressive gynecologic surgical techniques.

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