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In-Office Procedures

Colposcopy is a procedure to evaluate an abnormal Pap smear or persistent high risk HPV.

The procedure is done using a magnifying scope that allows your physician to carefully visualize the cervix and identify specific areas of concern and sample those areas by taking a small biopsy of those specific areas.

LEEP is a procedure to remove a small area from the the surface of the cervix containing the abnormal cells to be examined by the pathologist. Depending on the results further treatment or close follow-up will be recommended.

Endometrial biopsy is performed to sample the lining of the uterus if there is concern for a thick lining seen on pelvic ultrasound. It is a brief procedure and the tissue is evaluated by the pathologist to determine further treatment options. Often this will be a part of a pre operative evaluation for abnormal uterine bleeding.

Vulvar or vaginal lesions are best treated and evaluated by sampling the area of concern. Some lesions can be completely removed and others only a sample is appropriate to guide further treatment . The area of concern is anesthetized using local anesthesia and usually the areas heal within 7-10 days.
Some individuals have heavy periods which affect lifestyle and quality of life. This simple procedure may treat their heavy flows until they transition into menopause. Since the technique is performed through the cervix and does not require an incision, the recovery usually requires only a few days to resume full activities.

In office procedures that require additional anesthesia are performed using an anesthesiologist to monitor you closely throughout the procedure.

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