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Obstetric & Pregnancy Planning Services | Seven Oaks Women's Center | San Antonio TX

Comprehensive Pregnancy Care at Seven Oaks Women's Center

The doctors and staff of Seven Oaks Women's Center consider it a privilege to provide care for your growing family! Our team works together to provide the information you need to have the best experience possible. We continually update our practice to reflect what you want and need.

Planning for Pregnancy

If you are planning to become pregnant we encourage you to make an appointment for a Pre-Pregnancy visit!
At your visit please provide information on illnesses in your family or the prospective father's family. We encourage you to bring in any notes, including specific diagnoses, regarding family members who are affected by conditions that may be inherited.

Health Conditions Existing Before Pregnancy

It's important to understand potential complications during pregnancy so that we can take measures to limit the risks, if possible.

Pregnancy can affect your pre-existing medical condition(s) and it's important to understand what to expect as you conceive and progress through your pregnancy. Bring a list of all medications you take as well as the doses. The decision on whether to continue a medication during pregnancy, or to work toward being medication-free prior to pregnancy, can be complex but we will help you make these decisions.

Normal Pregnancy Care

Congratulations! Your pregnancy test is positive! Your pregnancy's length: the "gestational age," is calculated from the FIRST day of your LAST menstrual period. You are seen for your initial visit at 6-7 weeks from the start of your last period. A full history and physical is performed, and the pregnancy is visualized with state of the art fetal ultrasound. Appropriate lab specimens are obtained. 

State of the Art Fetal Ultrasound

We proudly provide Fetal Ultrasound services within our office. Over the years, many of our patients have developed a warm relationship with our expert sonographers.

At your initial visit we often perform an internal ultrasound to evaluate the basics, like presence of a heartbeat, gestational age and number of fetuses.

Prenatal Genetic Screening & Testing

Genetic testing in pregnancy can help identify babies have may have chromosomal or inherited disorders.

"Genetic Carrier Screening" evaluates you for recessive, or "hidden", genes that can pass a disorder on to your baby if he gets the abnormal gene from both biologic parents. An example is cystic fibrosis, a serious lung condition. The test is performed on the mother's blood either before or during pregnancy, without risk to the fetus. Follow up testing is recommended for the father of the baby if the mother is identified as a carrier of an abnormal gene. If both biologic parents carry the abnormal gene - then additional evaluation (amniocentesis) can be performed to identify whether your baby has the disorder.

Your Delivery!

Seven Oaks Women's Center supports you and your amazing birth! There are many avenues for preparation for your BIG DAY! Methodist Hospital and other local entities offer prepared childbirth classes. We enjoy working with doulas and are happy to collaborate. Whether your wish is to experience a medication-free natural childbirth or to get an epidural "when you hit the door" - we can help you prepare a birth plan that fits you to a "T."

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