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At some point throughout our lives, nearly all of us will have a prescription. Western medicine and modern technologies have developed drugs to help us cope with any number of issues, from pain management to helping ease anxiety, birth control to fighting off infections. In some instances we no longer need to continue taking our prescriptions even though the bottle isn’t empty, but what do we do with old, unwanted or expired medications? The growing opiate crisis combined with other prescription drug abuse creates a dangerous situation when dealing with legally and properly prescribed drugs.

Unfortunately, most prescription drugs aren’t common trash. We can’t simply toss them in the refuse and let it be. Most cannot be flushed, either, due to the ingredients within the drugs proposing pollution to our waterways. Fortunately, we in San Antonio do have several options
when it comes to disposing of our prescription drugs safely and without consequence.

MedDropSA Events

The city of San Antonio holds three MedDropSA events per year with mobile collection sites.  The trained on-site staff collects your old medications at no charge and properly disposes of them. San Antonio Water Systems, San Antonio Police and the City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department sponsor these events. You are welcome to bring your old, expired and unwanted prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs to these events in their original containers, in zip-style plastic bags, and liquids in their original bottles. These events do not
accept needles or other sharp items associated with prescriptions or drugs.

Pharmacy Drop-Offs

Several pharmacies in our area offer prescription drug drop-off, making it even more convenient to dispose of unwanted medications — stop in on your way to or from work, or while out running errands. These are simply programs utilizing a kiosk in the store to drop off your unwanted pills. The pharmacies often work with a specific company to dispose of the medication properly, keeping them out of the hands of kids or others who shouldn’t have them.

Police Departments

If you’re still unsure where to dispose of your unwanted prescription drugs in San Antonio, contact the police department to inquire. Several will take the medications for you; at the very least, they can direct you to a proper disposal location.

Seven Oaks Women’s Center is proud to , Erika Walsh, MSN, FNP-C

Erika Walsh, MSN, FNP-C received her Master of Science in nursing from Walden University.  Seven Oaks Women’s Center is excited about growing their practice at our Westover Hills location starting the week of June 5th, 2018.

Erika is now accepting patients.  Call Seven Oaks Women’s Center for appointments today. Call 210-692-9500.

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Available At Medical Center

Brooke Naegele, WHNP is now available for early bird appointments at our Medical Center location.

Call today to make an appointment 210-692-9500.


Available At WestOver Hills

Erika Walsh, MSN, FNP-C is now available for early bird appointments at our WestOver Hills location.

Call today to make an appointment 210-692-9500.

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Available At Medical Center

Tracy McAdoo, FNP-C is now available for early bird appointments at our Medical Center location.

Call today to make an appointment 210-692-9500.

Here is a brief review of some popular diets, and some – because they are not heavily marketed – are not well known by the public.

The Dash Diet

The Dash Diet – from “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” has been around for years in
fact – U.S. News and World Report has voted It “Best Diet Overall” for the last 8 years*. It
was also voted #1 for “Best Heart-Healthy Diets.” But why? Well, it’s not just for those with
high blood pressure, or hypertension. Bursting with fruits and low-fat dairy, and low In sodium
– it has been shown not only to improve heart health but also to help prevent diabetes, reduce
one’s risk of cancer along with aiding weight reduction. *The Dash Diet was voted #2 for
Diabetic Diets, and the Mediterranean Diet tied the Dash Diet for Best Diet Overall

Weight Watcher’s

Yes – this old familiar name; who doesn’t know something about the Weight Watcher’s
Program? Firmly established in the commercial diet industry, this program delivers. U.S. News
and World Report gave it the highest ranking for “Best Long Term” and “Best Short Term
Weight Loss” diets. The expert panel expressed appreciation for the support system that
Weight Watcher’s includes, believing this aspect contributes to maintaining weight loss.

The Volumetric Diet

This diet, developed by nutrition professor Barbara Rolls at Penn State University, was awarded
#2 in U.S. News and World Report’s Review for the “Best Weight Loss Diet” Category, with the
Weight Watcher’s Program taking the first place. The eating plan is laid out in her books. She
teaches about “energy density” of different foods, and how to choose or substitute foods of
lower energy density to achieve weight loss.

The Mediterranean Diet

Dr. Ancel Keys began explaining this diet as early as the 1950’s, but in the United States it
became best known in the 1990’s. U.S. News and World Report’s panel of experts awarded this
diet first place in “Best Diet Overall” – tying the Mediterranean Diet, and first place in “Best
Diabetes Diets” with the DASH diet coming in second. This diet, in addition to recommending
physical activity, advocates eating mostly fresh fish and lean meats along with plenty of
vegetables and whole fruits. Whole grains and oils are permitted. The U.S. News and World
Report’s panel chose it as a great option for diabetics because it did help lower the hemoglobin
A1c levels, which are an indication of glucose control.

The Whole 30 Diet

This diet is chosen for review simply because I hear a lot of people are using it right now. Maybe
because it’s a 30 day program, and it seems like a good idea after the holidays. This plan claims
to “reset the body” and to identify food groups that don’t agree with you. It also claims to
“change your life” – and all in 30 days. Being an elimination diet (no caffeine, no alcohol, no
added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no grains, no legumes/soy, no dairy, etc.) it is a very
restrictive diet in regard to food choices but does not require calorie counting. Nor does it
require one to weigh or otherwise measure their foods. Stepping on the scale during the 30
days is also prohibited. I cannot speak to it’s effectiveness, but U.S. News and World Report’s
expert panel ranked it near the bottom of their list.

MEDI Weight loss

If you think you need a little more help, consider MEDI Weightloss. This is a medically
supervised weight loss program available in San Antonio. Doctor Bryan Cox is the Medical
Director of the San Antonio clinic, and Doctors Bryan Harle and Shannon Gallagher have
invested in the clinic. In addition to nutritional supplements and shakes, appetite suppressants
and B12 shots may be prescribed.

So, what is the down low on the diet? I think, in general, that most diets will work if you stick to
them. However, while our willpower is good in the beginning, studies support that due to
boredom, and maybe to the natural slowing of our weight loss after the initial few weeks, our
willpower wanes. Initially we follow our diets “to the letter” but as time goes by we let portion
sizes creep up, or frequency of treats increase. No matter which diet you choose, be ready to
“focus on the horizon.” Don’t let little setbacks get you down, and expect to make lasting
changes. Review you diet plan (whether on website, in book, or other materials) monthly to
make sure you continue to follow all recommendation. Incorporate ACTIVITY to Increase your
metabolism. Old habits die hard, but if we don’t change them, we won’t see the changes we are
looking for. Here’s to YOUR health in 2018!




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