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Pre-Existing Health Conditions and Pregnancy

It's important to understand potential complications during pregnancy so that we can take measures to limit the risks, if possible.

Pregnancy can affect your pre-existing medical condition(s) and it's important to understand what to expect as you conceive and progress through your pregnancy. Bring a list of all medications you take as well as the doses. The decision on whether to continue a medication during pregnancy, or to work toward being medication-free prior to pregnancy, can be complex but we will help you make these decisions.

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Your pre-existing medical condition can affect your pregnancy. Some conditions like high blood pressure, or diabetes, can increase the chance of pregnancy complications. Taking care of your condition prior to pregnancy may involve changing to more effective medications or medications known to be safer in pregnancy. You may need to adjust your diet or your lifestyle in order to maximize your opportunity to maintain your health and have a healthy baby.

Nutritional evaluation may be performed at your visit and a plan developed for maintaining a healthy weight, if needed. Be sure to advise your doctor if you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you have, an eating disorder.

Folic acid supplementation is recommended for all women planning to conceive. A lack of folic acid can cause birth defects of the baby's heart, brain and spinal cord. Taking a prenatal vitamin will provide the recommended amount of folic acid, or alternatively between 400 and 1000 mcg of folic acid in a separate supplement every day. Folic acid is also called folate.

Healthy habits are important! If you smoke, or drink alcohol heavily or do not think you can stop drinking please share this information at your visit so we can offer assistance. If you use illegal drugs or use legal drugs in an unhealthful way-this is the time to get help. You need a healthy body to grow a healthy baby. Regular exercise is very important during pregnancy so as you plan for a baby remember to exercise to your ability!

Pregnancy will involve all aspects of your mind, body and soul! Do you deal well with stress? Are you happy in your relationship? Cultivating good coping mechanisms before you conceive will be invaluable. You may want to learn to meditate. Meditation can bring a healthy calm and ease anxiety. Some women even learn self-hypnosis to ease labor pain. And, there is no time like the present to seek counselling if you experience symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Don't forget the financial and non-medical aspects of pregnancy planning! Is your health insurance policy up to date? Do you have disability insurance and do you know what your policy covers and excludes? Do you have support from friends or family-especially if you may require childcare if you are hospitalized? These are all important aspects of planning for a healthy pregnancy. 

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