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When a mother or her baby(ies) have a higher chance of medical complications, the pregnancy is considered "high-risk.

In addition to the initial evaluation provided for low risk "normal" pregnancies, additional studies may be recommended. A plan of care will be developed and you will be advised of how to manage, and perhaps lower the risk of complications to you and your offspring.

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Factors which lead to a higher risk of complications in pregnancy may be due to: health conditions that exist before pregnancy, a mother's age, factors related to her habits and lifestyle, and conditions or diagnoses arising as a result of pregnancy.

Preexisting health conditions may include high blood pressure, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, infertility, obesity, and infections, including HIV.
A mother's age can raise pregnancy risks for both the very young and the older moms, with teens and mothers age 35 or older carrying a higher risk than mothers who fall in the mid-range of age.

Lifestyle factors that increase risks in pregnancy include use of alcohol, tobacco or nicotine containing products, and street drug use. Sedentary activity, and making poor food choices also impacts' pregnancy health for both mother and infant.

Conditions like incompetent cervix, multiple gestations, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia and eclampsia can confer a higher risk to both mother and baby.
Rest assured that the physicians of Seven Oaks Women's Center are experienced in the care of high risk pregnancies. We collaborate with your specialist(s) for pre-existing conditions and may consult with experts in Maternal-Fetal Medicine when needed. You will be provided cutting edge medical care in a warm, friendly environment. And, Methodist Hospital is a full-service hospital committed to the care of our high-risk mothers and their babies! The neonatal intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital, should your baby require it, is the highest level unit in the region. 

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