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Robotic Surgery

Providing Robotic Surgery

Seven Oaks Women’s Center is proud to offer robotic surgery to patients in the San Antonio, TX area. Robotic surgery, which was once only thought of as science fiction, is here for patients today. It provides a variety of benefits over traditional surgery techniques. The main advantage of robotic surgery is that the procedure can be completed with smaller incisions, which means less pain and scarring after the procedure.

Robotic Surgery Procedure

Misconceptions About Robotic Surgery

1. Robotic Surgery is Automated: When patients first hear of robotic surgery, they may be thinking machines will be operating on them. While a robotic machine will be making the incision and performing the surgery, it is under complete control of a doctor. This is simply a tool the surgeon uses to help perform the surgery.

2. Robotic Surgery is Performed in Another Room: Now that you know a human surgeon is involved, you may think they are operating in a separate room. This is another misconception and actually just a few feet away from the patient.

3. Robotic Surgery Does Not Have Any Risks: Like any invasive surgery, robotic surgery comes with risks, just as laparoscopic surgery. This can include reactions to medicine, bleeding, and infection. Please consult with our doctors from more information.

Common Robotic Surgery Procedures

One of the most common robotic surgeries we perform here at Seven Oaks Women’s Center is a hysterectomy. This is the perfect operation for robotic surgery because of the nature of the procedure. Before a hysterectomy could take six weeks to recover, however, with robotic surgery, some patients can recover in as little as a week. This means less pain, scarring and time in the hospital. For more information, please contact our team today.

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