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BioTE: What is It, and Is It Right for Me?

BioTE is a unique system of hormone therapy.

This system was created to provide you the optimal bioidentical hormone therapy in a dose specifically calculated for your needs. The hormones are provided by slow-release pellets placed into the fat of the buttocks approximately every 12 weeks.

As a part of this therapy we look at your estrogen and testosterone levels, vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels and thyroid and FSH: the menopause hormone. Correcting hormone and vitamin deficiencies is crucial. Prior to initiating BioTE you will be screened for blood disorders like anemia, as well as for your kidney and liver function. Disorders of organ systems may mimic hormone disorders, and can impact your response to hormone therapy.

What can I expect from BioTE therapy?

For menopausal women the expected benefits are:

Improvement in frequency of hot flashes and night sweats - improvement in sexual desire, vaginal dryness and orgasmic function - enhanced clarity of thought - increased energy - improved sleep - reduction of body fat - stronger bones and muscles - lower cholesterol and LDL ("bad cholesterol") and increased HDL ("good cholesterol")- relief of menopausal palpitations (irregular heartbeat) - and relief of menopausal irritability and depression.

How can women who haven't reached menopause benefit?

For all women, BioTE can help several specific conditions - (and can be used with any form of birth control!)

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