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Experience Vaginal Rejuvenation and Increased Sexual Pleasure with the O-Shot

Struggling to reach orgasm in the bedroom? Dealing with vaginal dryness and irritation? Looking for a non-surgical treatment option for urinary leakage? Say hello to your new best friend, The O-Shot, now offered at Seven Oaks! The O-Shot (a.k.a The Orgasm Shot) is a patented vaginal rejuvenation therapy that has the ability to increase sexual pleasure by enhancing sensitivity, increasing natural lubrication, and reducing urinary incontinence.

The O-Shot can help you with:

  • Sexual fulfillment
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Incontinence

Sexual Fulfillment

Let's admit it, ladies- many of us struggle to climax. The O-Shot uses your own platelet-rich plasma to enhance your sexual satisfaction, increasing the intensity and frequency of your orgasms. This is done via a safe, in-office procedure in which your own blood is injected back into your vaginal tissue- treatment doesn't get much more natural than using your own blood!


Urinary incontinence (a.k.a bladder leakage) is a condition that impacts over 10 million American women, causing a significant amount of women unnecessary stress, embarrassment, and lack of confidence. The O-Shot procedure utilizes the body’s own healing capabilities to encourage tissue regeneration and collagen growth. This leads to development of firmer vaginal tissue, which then helps to control the flow of urine from the bladder. Go from feeling nervous and embarrassed when you cough or sneeze while you're out in public to feeling confident with fewer urine leakages. Yes, please!

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common issue that occurs when your vaginal tissue isnt able to produce adequate lubrication on its own. Can you say vaginal irritation?! Ouch! Many people associate vaginal dryness with menopause, however this is an issue that can affect women any time throughout their life. The O-Shot rejuvenates the vaginal tissue, causing an increase in your own natural vaginal lubrication.

The O-Shot Procedure & What to Expect

First, your Seven Oaks provider will draw a sample of your blood. This blood will then be placed into a centrifuge that will cause it to separate into layers, one of which is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In the meantime, your provider will apply a numbing cream to the targeted areas of the vagina, followed by an injection that will further numb these areas. The physician will then extract the layer that contains the PRP and carefully inject into the targeted locations of the vagina. That's it! The entire procedure should allow for you to be in and out in about 30 minutes. And did we mention that there is virtually no recovery time? So after you stand up and walk on out of that procedure room, all that's left to do is sit back, relax, and watch as healing and growth take place over the months to come. Can you say "Oh-mazing"?!

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is like a magical liquid gold... Well, not really, but what it does will seem like magic! PRP is a portion of your blood that has been discovered to help regenerate cells and accelerate tissue repair. Not only does it initiate rapid healing, but PRP also has the ability to influence other cells that it communicates with to grow and return to their original, youthful status.

After the Procedure

Some women feel improvements not long after their first treatment. However, keep in mind that for some women it could take up to several months for there to be any significant changes. As time passes, your vaginal tissue will continue to become more supple and firm. Additionally, you should gradually begin to notice more and more sensitivity as well as lubrication..

It is recommended that you come back for a second O-Shot between eight and twelve weeks after the first shot. Depending on the way that your body responds to the treatment, it may be necessary to come back for a third shot, as well. We know, we know, no one wants to hear that they may need multiple vaginal injections...

Want the good news? The majority of women who have gotten the O-Shot report phenomenal results! Ready to take back your sex life? Ready to have newfound control over bladder leakage? Ready to kick vaginal dryness to the curb? Say hello to The O-Shot!

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